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Insight Gravity

Insight Gravity provides market insights and commercialization support for new technologies, products and services.

We are a company founded by experienced strategy and financial consultants and R&D experts that works with companies, researchers and investors to bring new solutions to the market.

We have seen first-hand the challenges that innovators face in commercializing innovative and novel solutions. Part of the problem is that innovators do not have timely and direct access to the B2B decision-making ecosystem, which makes it difficult to align technical developments with market needs. This creates issues in defining the most appropriate value proposition and go-to-market strategy, which leads to inefficient use of vital funds and missed opportunities.

Insight Gravity was set up to help address these challenges by partnering with research institutes, universities, spin-outs, investors, corporate venture and R&D teams to help align new technology developments with market needs and key adoption drivers.

Our work can be segmented into three specific types of innovation support services – market insights, commercial readiness and financing – that we can deploy at different stages along the development cycle.


We help IP owners identify and validate the most compelling market opportunities for new technologies by capturing the first-hand perspective of relevant market participants to test the appetite for a new solution and uncover the needs and requirements for a new solution to be desirable. The output of this process is a razor-focus on specific market opportunities and industry verticals.


There will always be “unknowns” in any new technology commercialization process, but understanding who the customer is and finding out what they are thinking doesn’t just help better define the technical and commercial roadmap but it also means that IP owners can better value what their solution is worth. This can help key decision-making and provide greater certainty on the technology’s future trajectory which in turn helps inform discussions with investors, partners and other commercialization stakeholders.

Business model focused

We help identify the most appropriate commercial vehicles for new technologies and innovations. Deploying the right commercialization strategy is make-or-break for new technologies – figuring out who you are selling to and what you are selling to. A software could be sold in many different ways – as an add-on within an existing platform or ecosystem, as a standalone package, within a value added services offering, etc. We go through all options and help clients understand which options are the most appropriate.

"Transferring our research results to the market is a key aspect of our business, and to achieve this, we must have the best people. Insight Gravity's team has enabled us to understand the potential of our products, their potential market and the modifications needed to achieve maximum value. Insight's approach to achieving this goal is radically innovative and highly efficient. We would never have achieved these results working with our own means and methodologies".

Head of International Affairs at leading research centre 13/05/2021