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Knowledge Integration & Innovation

Strategic Agility

Insight Gravity

In an era defined by unprecedented levels of dynamism and technological innovation, your organization’s success depends on how it can anticipate market needs and adapt solutions to key decision-making criteria.

At Insight Gravity we call this Strategic Agility.

We believe that established strategic thinking and cookie-cutter research methods is of little value in an era of disruption, driven by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. The traditional linear approach to strategy and implementation is too rigid and constraining. Instead, winning organisations will be those that are able to successfully adopt knowledge integration and innovation as the new levers for growth.

What is Strategic Agility?

Discover why Strategic Agility is vital for your business

Enable your organisation

Don’t risk being left behind as your competitors adapt to the new digital paradigm.  The traditional ways are becoming less relevant.  Technology & social trends are driving rapid change and business cycles are becoming increasingly compressed.  Ensure you develop the appropriate data strategy, create reliable foresight capability, creative thinking and innovation-driven execution processes.  From agile strategy, mentoring, workshops and training through to change management, we will enable your organization to reach new levels of capability.

Ensure your competitiveness

Attentive organisations are acutely aware of what is going on in the world around them and are highly sensitive to change.  Organisations that are unable to do this become decoupled from reality and risk being outdone by more agile competitors.  Ensure that your teams have the right tools to win in a disruptive marketplace; access to relevant data, analytics, ideation and execution.  You need to be able to identify and exploit emerging market discontinuities, curate and test new ideas efficiently and execute new initiatives rapidly.

Extend your capabilities

Bring the vast experience of Insight Gravity inside your organization and leverage a unique ecosystem of innovative knowledge service providers to undertake next-gen research and consulting projects.  We work seamlessly with your internal teams to bring fresh perspectives to growth projects. Leverage the emerging power of crowdsolving to access subject matter expertise on demand – seek deep insights, validate ideas and test concepts.  Benefit from bespoke horizon scanning, foresight and creative ideation workshops using cutting edge new tools and methodologies.

"I had a great experience with Mark for our C-suite insights. We needed a quick turnaround and Mark provided us with just that—without compromising on the quality. The written report was detailed and he was knowledgeable and insightful during the debrief call after the project. I highly recommend him without qualification."

Accenture 14/04/2016