Who we work with

We work as a commercialization partner for research institutes, universities, spin-outs, start-ups, incubators, corporate R&D and new ventures and investors.

Below we types of services we offer across our range of partners.

Research Institutes and Universities

Quickly and efficiently identify target industry verticals, industry needs, challenges and pain points that a new technology or innovation could address.

Provide an objective assessment of the market potential, the opportunity set and risks for new technologies

Analysis of different business model options and most appriopriate strategy to deploy

Actionable next steps to align technology development with market needs for a successful spin-out

Find right investors for your technolgoy and monetization strategy

Spin-outs, start-ups, incubators

Conduct new market assessments for new and existing products and objective assessments of the market potential and entry strategies

Identify value chain partners and potential clients to bring technology adoption forward

Brokering between clients and qualified and verified potential partner and client organizations

Find right investors for your technolgoy and monetization strategy

Corporate R&D and New Ventures

Explore new markets and new acquisition targets without revealing client identity

Connect ecosystem players with clients to accelerate and key decision-making

Provide objective market-facing insights to know first-hand what clients, partners and potential competitors are thinking

Discover new opportunites for your current and future products and services

Identify new development opportunities and partners


Validate new markets and new technologies for investment decision-making

Connect with pre-spin out and post-spin out investment opportunities that have been commercially validated by an objective 3rd party

Commercial due dilligence on tech opportunites and the market enviroment.

Technology sourcing for potential acquisition targets and partnerships