What we do

The Insight Gravity Roadmap is a framework for how we approach and support the commercialization process for new technologies and innovations. Our engagements can start at any stage of the roadmap depending on the maturity of the technology and the needs of the client. Our three innovation support services – market insights, commercial readiness and financing – are deployed across all stages of this roadmap depending on the type of project and needs of the client.

The types of questions we answer


Our clients are often those that have successfully developed and/or patented new technologies with a number of different commercial applications. We help clients prioritize the end-applications for their solution and then define the most appropriate business model and commercial approach to deploy. Some of the questions we are used to dealing with include:

“My technology can be used in many different applications across many different industry verticals. Which is the best opportunity to pursue and how?”

“Should I sell or license my solution directly to capture higher margins or should I partner with a supply chain player for a greater chance of market adoption?”

“I have many VCs interested in investing and to create a spin-off, but I don’t know if what they are offering us is reasonable.”

“I have a great technology, but the validation process with potential clients take a lot of time, how can i reduce the risk of failure and accelerate the time to market?”

“A lot of companies I speak with say that the technology is really interesting but I’m unsure of how to navigate my negotiations with them. What are the best practices I should follow when dealing with large multinationals who are interested in my technology?”

“I know that my company should probably be operating in this new space, but I need more information about the market and the key success factors before making a decision.”